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Focus on the positive

I've been trying to focus on the positive instead of the negative, to seek out the ways in which the imperfection of the world is not keeping it from getting better. To this end, I wanted to share this:


3 huge projects

I just figured out why my life is so difficult.

3 Huge Projects.

1. Earning a bachelor's degree.
2. Being engaged.
3. Forming a new household.

I can't just focus on one like normal people. I'm doing all three at once. Oy.

Yin and yang

Just some reflections on balancing forces...

I was reading an article in Time some time ago about Mother Teresa and some of the things she had written in personal letters to her confessor. The story was, even though she's being considered for sainthood and people thought she was very pious and stuff, the letters contain accounts of a long, constant feeling of being forsaken by God, of not feeling the presence of God for decades on end.

This began a discussion within the article about the things that great people do--or maybe the great things people do. It is speculated that there are certain people for whom great success is too much to handle without some great debilitation. A "thorn in the flesh," if you will. These types of people can only achieve their great success if they also feel like they have some great failing. Perhaps it's an attempt to be normal. Geniuses are crazy, presidents philander...

The article discussed this concept in relation to how Mother Teresa c…