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Challenge & Reward

The things that are most challenging are often the most rewarding. But if you think about it, this is kind of self-evident because if we didn't think something challenging was going to be rewarding, we might not do it in the first place. Sure, holding your breath for a long time is challenging, but not terribly rewarding. That's why people don't do it a lot. Ha ha.

A bit of purely theoretical thought...

6 billion people and counting.

I give birth to a son hoping that he will be able to support himself in this world.

I give birth to a daughter believing that she will be smart enough to get by.

I instill in them a moral sense that guides them to do unto others...

(In my heart I assert that they are better than those poor people)

(In my heart I know that my kids can beat them to the food)

(In my heart I realize that it cannot but come to this)

God, how possible is it to feed myself without taking food from someone else's mouth?

God forgive me!

Bank of America

To whom it may concern:

I just received the notice of rate increase for my card. Shame on you. This 25.65% APR is usurious in any sense of the word. This is an unabashed attempt to make profit off the economic circumstances of the people to whom you are lending money. Not only are you perpetuating the economic crisis by stealing purchasing power for your unreasonable rates, but you are taking blatant advantage of the bailout funds you just received from the government—funds paid for by the very persons from whom you are squeezing outrageous interest rates!

Instead of reorganizing the company to promote more efficient and responsible lending and banking practices, as the American public which is financing your rescue from failure would expect (and should demand!), you are continuing your state of denial of the measures you must—MUST—take in order for Bank of America to even continue to survive, let alone have the smallest chance of hoping to be competitive again.

This rate increase cannot…