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Something bigger than yourself

Michael Vick was in the news again today. His name's become synonymous with dogfighting.

One very astute blogger put it into perspective. He mentioned that in 1998 Rams DL Leonard Little got 90 days jail time for killing Susan Gutweiler while driving drunk.

Killing person: 90 days

Killing dogs: 23 months

Anything wrong here?

P.S. Little publicly expressed regret but got pulled over for the same thing in 2004. They tried to prosecute him as a repeat offender (felony), but his lawyers got him off and all he was convicted of was speeding.

Shit, people. This is the kind of stuff I want to change when I'm a judge.

Personal Statement, draft 5

I would appreciate any feedback you all may have :)

I have wanted to be a lawyer for a very long time.
I have experienced some things in my life so far. I draw on these experiences with each new endeavor. I think about these advantages as get ready to start law school.
I am a member of the United States Army National Guard.
I took 20 weeks of mentally and physically rigorous initial training, which I completed with highest compliments from peers and supervisors alike. One Drill Sergeant commented as I left the training facility, that it is a shame that such an excellent soldier is National Guard and not full-time Regular Army. I beat out 21 males and 6 females for the top spot in the 10-week vehicle maintenance course I took.
I spent the whole of 2004 in Iraq with a transportation company of 120 soldiers; only 14 were female. I know how to thrive in a male-dominated environment.
My job in Iraq was to liaise with and supervise groups of Iraqi workers, most of whom did not speak English. I gu…