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Something bigger than yourself, part 2

I'm in the news today:

"In downtown Los Angeles, the Bank of America office near Pershing Square shut their doors before the official closing time to avoid the real possibility of having protesters come in to disrupt business there. Picketers chanted, “Bank of America, shame on you, save the plant for Chicago workers;” “Bail out the people, not the banks;” and “Banks got bailed out, they got sold out, justice, justice for UE workers.” Protesters included activists from Bayan-USA, SEIU Local 721, Labor-Community Coalition and the International Action Center."

Here's the whole article.

Okay, so I'm not mentioned by name. But I was there. My American Lit prof handed me the email yesterday morning in class because I had mentioned in Monday's class that contrary to what he said, there were in fact some people protesting the plight of the worker and I cited the sit-in at Chicago at Republic Windows and Doors. So I decided that this was a chance to make a statement for…