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Letter to friends

"Thanks peach for taking time to let us know what's going on...we missed you on Friday! I really liked Pastor Jojo's sermon too, it really spoke to what I'm going through and challenged me, a lot.

"Well, somebody already knows what I've been going through this week, but just to clue you all in:

"It's boyfriend stuff (What else!). Basically, I was faced with deciding what was God's will for my life, whether He wanted me to get married or not. It came from the stuff Austin & I are starting, mostly saving money to get married and because I had not yet answered this question for myself, I was having a hard time being on the same page as he. Austin has no doubts. But I did. Long story short, God used my parents, the Bible, several helpful web pages, prayer and His special revelation to show me that the things that I want to do in my life, I can't do without help, and that He was giving me Austin to be my helper, my partner.

"That was big. Th…