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I was reading the LA Times today and there is a story that I heard about yesterday on NPR about a bill that’s in the senate that establishes that HMOs cannot discriminate against people based on their genetic makeup, specifically genes that are known to predispose them to certain diseases like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.Of course, this immediately reminded me of the movie Gattaca with Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, and Jude Law.It also reminded me of another phenomenon that we studied in my race & ethnicity course this semester, called “redlining.” It’s a practice whereby racial minorities are denied access to housing opportunities in certain neighborhoods because their presence there could drive values down. It’s interesting because the practice doesn’t necessarily reflect prejudice on the part of the agents themselves, only a recognition of the fact that in neighborhoods where black residents live, white residents can have the tendency to move away, thus creating a riskier situati…


What's the social difference between polygamy & polyandry (multiple husbands)?

I know, there have been all sorts of biological explanations against monogamy in men, but I haven't heard much for the converse. Is this debate fueled by a patriarchal bent?

I just realized how stupid that last question sounds. Of course it is. No doubt there is a double standard for men & women in terms of sexuality and society...just look at Carmen Kontur-Gronquist.

Austin & I were talking about this yesterday. I asked him, "Is it realistic to expect you to be monogamous for the rest of your life?" and we both agreed, no. Then I asked him, "Is it reasonable to ask you to be monogamous for the rest of your life?" and we said, probably.

It's a social question more than anything. Societal norms say a lot of things. To me, they say that it's totally normal to expect to have a monogamous man-woman relationship for the rest of my life, to give birth to biological chil…